The modular design of the PTO™ MOD3 charger features flexible, scalable, redundant power to meet the growing demands faced by material handling customers.

HAWKER®’s extensive line of high-frequency charging solutions now includes the PTO™ MOD3 conventional and opportunity charger product. This new charger provides economical opportunity charging capabilities and an adjustable I-U-I conventional charging profile to compete with non-smart opportunity chargers.
Built on HAWKER®’s LIFEPLUS® MOD3 high-frequency power platform, the new PTO™ MOD3 chargers are multi-capacity (settable AH), selectable DC voltage chargers designed to compete in today’s growing market of switch mode technology chargers.
The PTO™ MOD3 Charger has a start rate of up to 25% of the battery’s rated capacity or the maximum output of the charger (whichever is less) to consistently maintain the battery’s state of charge in opportunity mode. The battery is then completely charged daily via the charger’s constant current finish charge to bring the battery back to full state of charge.

  •   Convenient and easy to use
  •   Ability to set specific charge parameters eliminates guesswork for charger settings
  •   Ability to recharge multiple times throughout the day
  •   Complete daily battery charge via constant current finish
  •   Elimination of battery change-outs
  •   Reduction of fleet inventory and equipment
  •   Improved safety levels due to not changing out batteries
  •   Improved use of floor space by eliminating dedicated charging areas
  •   Elimination of excess batteries and change-out equipment
  •   Scalable modular design for future needs



  • Adjustable parameters
    • Complete charge delay time
    • Equalize charge delay time
  • Selectable DC voltage range
    • 24/36/48V or 72/80V
  • AC voltage options
    • 208, 220, 240 V or 480 V 3-phase
    • 480 V single-phase
  • Flexible AH range
    • 100 to 2,000 AH range (depending on the number of modules)
  • User-friendly LCD display shows real-time charge data of battery being recharged, including:
    • battery total voltage
    • battery state of charge
    • amp hours returned to battery
    • DC current
    • cell voltage
    • charge time
  • Easy-to-read status lights
    • Yellow = charge in process
    • Green = charge complete
    • Red = fault
  • Control panel includes Stop/Start control button and Equalize push button (for a manual EQ)
  • Records charge data, and holds 365 days worth of data in memory
  • Built-in, real-time clock automatically adjusts for daylight saving time

**Note: Opportunity charging may not be the answer for every customer and each should be evaluated for the best charging practices in their facility.

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